New version of iSofMap

New version of iSofMap 15.12.2016

Dear Customers,

GIS-Sofia is pleased to announce that as of 01.01.2017, you will be able to use a completely updated version of iSofMap - the Internet application for access to Sofia's digital cadastre.

The new application will continue to provide users with public access to the cadastral and spatial information and data for the territory of Sofia Municipality, stored and maintained in the company.

The new system was developed by the GIS-Sofia team, with a completely new interface and easy navigation. At your disposal will be a web-based map from which you can choose your own layers and data, such as an administrative map, cadastral plan, regulation plan, addresses. The app will continue to grow by dynamically adding new information and functionality.

iSofMap will have a separate domain and access will take place through the GIS-Sofia site as well as through a direct link from your browser.

Happy New Year and Happy New iSofMap!