New in iSofMap

New in iSofMap 28.03.2018

Since March iSofMap users can find and view some new information layers and thematic maps.

The new thematic map is Buildings. It has free access and consists of two layers - Range of Detailed development plan and Buildings. The first one becomes visible at a scale of 1: 5000, and the second at a scale of 1: 2500.

Other innovations concern the existing Maps of Cultural Monuments and Schemes of Genral Plan, which are complemented by new layers. 

The Cultural Monuments Map is enriched with a new layer containing information about Historical Cultural Values for the territory ​​of Sofia.

The thematic map of the Schemes of Genral Plan is supplemented with the following layers and data: Building boundary of Sofia from 18.12.2009, Railway network, Metro lines, Metro stops and Integrated areas for community service in the surrounding area.