Electronic register of pets - dogs

On assignment by Sofia Municipality (SM) for the needs of the regional administrations, GIS – Sofia Ltd. developed an Electronic register of pets - dogs.

The company is the contractor on the project at every stage of its implementation - development of the database structure, creating software for entering, editing data and administrative checks, installation, training, technical maintenance and elimination of discrepancies and errors for the period of time agreed in the contract.

The developed electronic register is a database system, which maintains information about the pets - dogs located on the territory of Sofia Municipality and their owners.

The register keeps information about the pets regarding the country of origin of the dog, name, colour, sex, castration, year of birth, scanned documents for carried out veterinary manipulations and more. The identification of each animal happens via a microchip with a unique number.

About the owners, the stored information is about the type of the person, address, Personal ID number or BULSTAT, authorized representative and other specified data.

The data in the register is filled in only by the district administrations and individuals authorized by SM, and access to external users is not allowed. The register provides the filling in, organizing and systematization of data.

For the purposes of the administration the system allows for checks and searches according to all given criteria.

Along with the register are published Maps of the places designated to walk dogs according to the different areas, with free access for viewing by anyone interested.