GIS-Sofia develops specialized activities in the field of digital photogrammetry - the fastest and most modern way to acquire up-to-date information of the Earth’s surface.

The photogrammetric products and services we offer will help you in performing geospatial analyzes of the territory, in urban planning and design, in the creation and update of plans and maps, in three-dimensional visualization and advertising.

What makes us a proven leader in the field of photogrammetry in Bulgaria is:

  • We work with modern software, applying the best digital photogrammetric technologies.
  • Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive professional experience gained in the process of working on national and international projects.
  • We continuously monitor the global trends in the field of remote sensing methods and exchange experience through annual participation in international seminars and conferences.
  • We perform all activities related to the application of modern digital photogrammetric technologies.

We offer our customers high quality photogrammetric products and professional photogrammetric software - PHOTOMOD.

A description of the photogrammetric services and their prices can be found here.