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Ortofotoatlas of Sofia Municipality at scale 1:5000 is a deluxe edition, the first of its kind in Bulgaria. It includes images of an aerial photographing of the territory of Sofia Municipality, made in October 2011. The covered area is 1340 Apart from orthophotomaps for the whole of SM, in the atlas you will find black and white and color orthophotos revealing the dynamically developing city and the infrastructure changes in the recent years. Special maps demonstrate the application of photogrammetry and remote sensing methods in the field of cadastre, spatial planning and GIS. There are also anaglyph images of the crossroads of Maria Louisa Bld. and Todor Alexandrov Bld. and both St. Alexander Nevsky square and the National Assembly square. You can see them in detail with the 3D glasses accompanying the atlas.

The product is intended both for professionals in the industry and for fans and collectors. 

Price: 45 BGN

The tourist map of Sofia, issued in 2011, is intended for Bulgarian and foreign guests of the capital city. In the convenient pocket-sized flyer you can find a tourist map of the city center, orthophotoplan of the same territory, rich information on attractions, transport, tourism and others. The names of all sites are written in Cyrillic and Latin letters, and the legend is in Bulgarian, English, French and German. On the leaflets are marked even more cultural and socially significant sites - museums, galleries, churches, theaters, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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The atlas of Sofia at scale М 1:10 000 was released in 2007. The atlas includes a detailed map of Sofia, an orthophotoplan of parts of the capital, a directory of sites of public interest, index of street names. Its pragmatic design allows for quick orientation and detection of the address you are searching for. The atlas has marked one-way streets, routes and stops of the public transport, government agencies, embassies, hospitals, schools, and also various tourist information – cultural monuments, hotels, theaters, cinemas, art galleries and museums. The index contains information on the current road network, changed names of streets and avenues and their location in the atlas. The atlas is suitable for guests of the city and citizens, for taxi, shipping and courier companies.

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