Remote access to SOFCAR

Pricelist of the services offered by GIS - Sofia Ltd. /valid from 01.01.2018/

Description of the servicePrice of a regular service incl. VAT /in BGN/Code of the service
Copy of the digital cadastral plan with coordinates for one property or building with the choice of points and the ability to transform coordinates 10.00 BGN per plot of land/building + 0.12 BGN for each point of the boundaries 104
Reference check of ownership for one property/building from the digital cadastral plan 3.00 BGN per 1 plot of land/ building 105
Reference for Regulated land and areas in accordnce with ZMASO 3.00 BGN for one Regulated land 106
Reference for a monument of culture Free of charge 107
Copy of the digital model in *pdf, А4 format Free of charge 108
Copy of the digital model in *pdf, A3 format Free of charge 109
Coordinates and a location sketch of a centre line 1.80 BGN for one point 110
Elevation levels and a location sketch of a benchmark 1.80 BGN for one benchmark 111
Export of a digital model of the cadastral plan, regulation plan, General building plan, old cadastral plan, cadastral plan of underground distribution lines and utilities, map of properties with reinstated ownership, map of monuments of cultures 6.00 BGN/ha for one model 111a
Providing services according to specific client requirements Price is negotiable 79


1. All prices are inclusive of VAT.